ARTICLE 19 – A picture of rapid decline: Turkey’s record on freedom of expression – Online Panel

Looking back over the last four years, what lessons can be drawn for civil society and media actors in Turkey? How can NGOs in Turkey, and those who support them around the world, make better use of international human rights mechanisms to hold Turkey accountable? What can tech companies do to protect the rights of their users in Turkey? How can we best challenge the Turkish authorities’ narrative that all detained journalists are terrorists? How can civil society members find the strength to continue their work?

Join ARTICLE 19’s panel of experts to discuss these questions and more. The panel will discuss Turkey’s record over the last four-year cycle, react to Turkey’s adoption of the UPR and give an update on the latest developments.

Moderator: Sarah Clarke, Head of Europe and Central Asia Programme, ARTICLE 19


  • Yaman Akdeniz, Academic, cyber-rights expert and Co-founder of IFOD
  • Nurcan Baysal, Independent Journalist
  • Mehves Evin, IPI representative and Journalist 
  • Andrew Finkel, Journalist and Co-founder of P24 

The online panel will take place on Monday, 28 September from 18.00 to 19.30 – Turkey time.